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What support might a discrimination claim offer?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Firm News |

Discrimination can impact many aspects of your life. The stress you experience can affect your mental health both on the job and at home. Lost opportunities can impact not only your salary today but your income and advancement opportunities in the future.

Thankfully, discrimination claims offer you the opportunity to hold your employer responsible for the difficulties you experienced. These claims can also provide financial support to help you offset the impact that mistreatment in the workplace has had on your life. What damages might be available to you in a workplace discrimination claim?

Damages to offset the impact discrimination had on your income

In many cases, discrimination can have a direct impact on your paycheck, and a discrimination case could offer compensation for those challenges. For example, the court may award back pay if you experience termination because of bias in the workplace. In other cases, the court might grant you the difference in pay and benefits you would have received if you had not experienced discrimination when seeking a new position with your employer.

A discrimination claim may also cover out-of-pocket expenses related to your mistreatment. For example, suppose your employer wrongfully terminated you. In that case, you may also be able to recover costs related to your job search.

Damages in recognition of the emotional strain discrimination can cause

A claim can also offer compensation for the suffering you experienced as a result of mistreatment on the job. In cases where discrimination contributes to a mental health condition like depression, damages can involve medical costs.

Damages to punish the person or party at fault

In cases where the person or party discriminating against you acted maliciously or recklessly, the court may also apply punitive damages. The court awards these damages specifically to punish an employer for its actions.

Workplace discrimination can have a long-lasting impact on those who experience it. Thankfully, a legal claim may offset those challenges and help victims of workplace mistreatment move toward a brighter future.