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Attorney Lydia Floyd

Since 2005, Attorney Lydia Floyd has worked at the top of her profession.  She’s worked in every facet of the legal system: for a federal and a state judge; for businesses; and for individuals.  She’s represented plaintiffs and defendants.  She’s achieved results in the millions of dollars on both sides of litigation.  She’s helped save businesses and changed individuals’ lives. 

Attorney Lydia Floyd believes success begins first and foremost with listening to her clients and then by formulating a unique legal strategy to achieve the results her clients want.  She’s a trusted adviser who will keep you informed with clear, concise legal advice.  She’s a strong and formidable advocate for her clients with proven results. 

Attorney Lydia Floyd is ready to serve as your voice and tell your story.  When it’s time to take a stand; You need the best.  Attorney Lydia Floyd is ready to listen, advise and advocate for you.

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Strategic Legal Advice Focused On Achieving Results

Attorney Lydia Floyd Listens, Advises and Advocates For Individuals and Businesses In Litigation Matters

Frozen Field

Fertility-Related Legal Matters; Destruction of Embryos; IVF Mistakes; Fertility Fraud; Negligence

Lydia has represented over a hundred clients in matters nationwide involving injuries and misrepresentations caused by fertility services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination, intrauterine insemination (IUI), assisted reproductive services, egg, sperm, and embryo donations.  Lydia has spoken on television, including NBC Nightly News, and has been quoted in news articles concerning her work on fertility related cases.  She is experienced and passionate about helping individuals achieve closure when facing unfathomable errors and injuries.


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