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Statistics show the prevalence of pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination |

For pregnant women and their families, discrimination at work can create a series of difficulties. Aside from the potential financial consequences of discrimination, which could include a demotion, denied benefits or wrongful termination, many other hardships can arise. For example, some pregnant women face intense emotional challenges due to discrimination, such as debilitating anxiety and depression. In addition, discriminatory actions can shatter a pregnant woman’s career and impact her life for many years.

It is pivotal for employers as well as employees to review data on pregnancy discrimination in order to realize the prevalence of this serious problem.

Pregnancy discrimination charge filings

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received more than 2,270 pregnancy discrimination receipts in fiscal year 2022. It is important to remember that this figure does not count pregnancy discrimination charges filed with local and state agencies. In previous years, the EEOC received even more receipts, such as fiscal year 2019 (2,753) and fiscal year 2016 (3,486).

During fiscal year 2022, people received $12 million in monetary benefits due to pregnancy discrimination cases, and this does not take into account benefits awarded due to litigation.

Addressing pregnancy discrimination

Those who experience pregnancy discrimination firsthand or witness it in the workplace must take steps to address mistreatment at once. Sadly, far too many women continue to endure violations of their rights because they lack familiarity with the law or worry about retaliation for speaking out (which is also prohibited).

Those responsible for pregnancy discrimination must face consequences for their unlawful behavior.